XY Advisor Podcast : Interview with Mary J Fourie

“I love that you use the word stumble, because I think that’s an accurate way to describe my entry into it…
…and that it wasn’t a traditional plan of you know, finish high school, and I go study the subject, and then I knew I was going to do the next thing. And the next thing. My story probably starts way back with my earliest experience as a child, where money became something that I understood or knew about in my life.  My father died when I was five. And with the passing of a very important figure in my life, a lot of things in my life changed. So I grew up with a single parent mother, and a school teacher, not necessarily very well paid. I had a younger brother and experienced being the older child in the family, having an understanding of what was going on in the world. In our world, I mean, my world was not much bigger than my nuclear family at that time. So I noticed the changes, cars being sold. I remember having M-net for a while. And then that disappeared after a while as well. And just noticing how hard my mom worked and how busy she was trying to keep everything together and keep us going. As a family during those early years of mine.
Along that journey, I recognize that money doesn’t grow on trees, it wasn’t just going to be thrown out of the ether and into my life. And and that motivated me to figure out how to get it.”
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As the Founder, Lead Life Coach and Lifestyle Financial Planner at My Journey 2 Freedom, Mary J talks to Louis van der Merwe of the Financial Planners South Africa Podcast about her personal and professional journey to becoming a planner, and how the human side of money was a vital part of that process.

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