The 80/20 Rule of Meaningful Conversations

At MJF we’ve developed what we call our 80/20 Rule of Meaningful Conversations.

Rule 1 – Talk about Them

Spend 80% of your time talking about your prospect / client and only 20% of the time talking about yourself, your qualifications, your services and products and how you can help them.

Rule 2 – Ask Questions

Make 80% of your questions open questions that allow your prospect / client the opportunity to tell you more about what they care about, believe in and value and make only 20% of your questions closed, fact-finding questions.

Rule 3 – Talk Less than Them

Allow and encourage your prospect / client to talk for 80% of the time and only speak the other 20%.

Rule 4- Listen More

Make sure your prospect / client spends only 20% of the time listening to you because you’re spending the other 80% listening to them!

It’s all really simple, however not necessarily easy. Because how do you hold meaningful conversations with your prospects or clients AND give advice? 

That’s why Mary J has created an expanded Coached Financial Planning Model that she shares more about in her presentation at the FPI Professional Convention 2020

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