Terms of Service


These are our full Programme T&C’s that relate to engaging in any of our online Business Coaching & Mentoring Journeys

Please refer to our Privacy Policy here for more detailed Technical Terms of Service.

I acknowledge and agree that the acceptance of my application / registration by MJF Coaching (Pty) Ltd (MJF) is conditional upon my agreement to be bound and abide by the policies, procedures and terms set out by MJF as amended and provided to me from time to time.

I acknowledge that MJF reserves the right to delay the start of a programme, module or class due to insufficient demands (a minimum requirement of five individual advisors or ten advisors connected to a practice) or on any other reasonable grounds.

I acknowledge that MJF reserves the right to suspend my course of study should I be deemed unsuitable for this field of study, following a consultative process.

Notwithstanding the contents of the MJF Privacy Policy & Website Terms of Service, I agree and understand that MJF keeps and processes data and documents in electronic format, including data supplied by me in any application form; MJF may use and transfer such data and use such documents in electronic or other formats for MJF purposes including submission of data for the national learner record database as may be required by the Department of Higher Education and Training if I am doing a programme that falls into this category; that records of qualifiers and academic records are placed in the public domain; and to the Financial Planning Institute and The International Coaching Federation, again where relevant, in order to be accredited and that electronically generated documents may be used in place of the originals signed by me.

I hereby waive any claims against MJF for any damages or losses suffered while I am, or as a consequence of my being a student of MJF, as well as any other damage to any property belonging to me or any other person, howsoever such damage or loss is caused, including, but not limited to, the negligence of MJF or any official, employee, or representative of MJF. I or my estate hereby indemnifies MJF against any claims by any person arising in any way as stated above or in respect of my own negligence or willful acts or omissions.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to forward accounts to the person / party responsible for payment thereof if not myself or where I am funded by a third party. MJF may send correspondence directly to the student, should there be no response from the person / party responsible for payment.

I understand that study fees include electronic workbook material and not prescribed reading material, which if required, are to be purchased separately.

I acknowledge that registration is only official once the first payment of my programme fee has been paid, and the registration form completed and submitted.

I hereby agree to secure funding or to pay the fees as reflected on the https://maryjfourie.com website or marketing material  according to the terms as stated thereon and my commitment to monthly payment processing by payfast, which shall be incorporated into this contract.

I am aware that fees may differ for different runs of this programme and are subject to annual escalations. Should I deviate from the original study plan, the fees payable may change.

I accept that I will not be absolved of the responsibility to pay such fees, by virtue of incorrect billing or any other factor (irrespective of whether an account is not received / read by me).

I hold myself responsible for the payment of all fees and other charges payable by me to MJF for all programmes for which I register. If I am in arrears, I will be liable to pay interest at the rate of 1.25% per month from due date until the date of payment. I understand that payments received will be allocated to clear unpaid interest first, followed by the oldest debt. If I am paying by monthly installment I acknowledge that the first installment is due before the start of the programme with the next installment due a month later and then following monthly thereafter until my total programme fee has been paid. I further acknowledge and understand that I will not graduate until my final payment is made. 

I declare that I am ready to begin!